Our Commitment to Sustainability

As an activewear brand, health and wellness are in our DNA. The health of our planet and the people that we employ are no exception. That’s why we take a 360° approach to sustainable processing and ethical practices, from the threads that make up our high-tech fabrics to the water used in our mills. No stone - or should we say hang tag - is left unturned.

Process + Factories

You are the company you keep. Which means all of our friends (a.k.a our factories and mills) are highly-vetted to live up to our standards. In fact, we kind of live up to theirs since they are doing some big things. Think extensive electricity and water reduction, and a recycling plan for excess materials. They also source their water from a local river, and return it (treated, of course) once they are done.

Design + Materials

Only the highest quality and environmentally-friendly fabrics make the cut when it comes to our design process. Case in point: our newest Koral Blackout™ fabric that’s biodegradable (within just 3 years!) and durable at the same time. That means it will hold up longer from wear to wear, but if you decide to toss it, it won’t fill up our landfills. Genius, right?

Development + Design

Our first step toward sustainability is creating pieces that are made to last. We adhere to the principles of quality craftsmanship, antimicrobial technology, moisture-wicking, and uv protection. These elements extend the life of our clothing and decrease the amount of waste that burdens our planet. It’s not uncommon to see our customers wearing their Koral Lustrous Leggings™ purchased 7+ years ago. Our timeless styles and design contribute to this as well! Also, no materials go to waste. extra pieces are used to make stylish koral accessories like masks, fanny packs, and scrunchies.

Trims + Packaging

Our extras are not afterthoughts. The smallest details on our clothing are carefully selected and sourced from sustainable suppliers. Our packaging consists of biodegradable plastics that do not emit methane when they decompose. Although we’ve come a long way, we realise that we can always improve. We are currently working on recycled materials for our hangtags and poly bags, which will launch shortly.

Our Mills

We only partner with standard 100 by oeko-tex® certified mills that prioritise environmental safety. Our mills do their part by utilising non-toxic dyes and chemicals, cleaning and treating used water before returning it back to its natural source, and implementing advanced water and electricity reduction technology. This reduces electricity use by 53%, natural gas use by 29% and water use by 71%.

Our People Are Our Priority

Our team is the heart of our brand and our priority is to provide a healthy and positive work environment. From our corporate employees at our headquarters, to those working in our factories overseas, we believe in ethical manufacturing and fair labor practices. We ensure that all of our associates earn a fair living wage, have access to nutritious food and enjoy benefits that afford them a quality lifestyle. Our high standards extend to all of our manufacturing partners. Keeping our employees’ health in mind, we only allow our factories and dye houses to use safe, non-toxic dyes and processes.

Our Goals

We’ve come a long way since the birth of our brand in 2014 and we are proud of the initiatives we have taken to become a more planet conscious company. We wouldn’t be an activewear brand if we didn’t have goals. We’re setting our sights on becoming 100% sustainable by 2025!