Signature Fabrics

Signature Fabric

Koral Blackout

We know you’ve been waiting for a sustainable fabric that actually looks and feels good on your skin! Well, we’ve crossed the finish line with this one. Welcome Koral Blackout™, our newest sustainable + super stylish performance fabric to join the family! Exclusively engineered with advanced biodegradable capabilities, once you part ways, it will break down in nature within just 3 years (versus the 30-year standard). That means more good quality, high-fashion performance pieces, and a healthier planet for us all!

Koral Infinity

Your shining moments - in and out of the studio - start here: with our high-shine Koral Lustrous™ leggings. A bestseller and celeb-fave, we consider this style a signature staple, which is why we bring it back in fresh colours and prints every season. Although you may spot the trend across other brands, our unparalleled fabric is what sets us apart. Crafted from our exclusive Koral Infinity™ fabric, infused with 2 forms of ultra-luxe lycra-xtra life lycra® sport and intimate lycra®, you get to experience next-level comfort, performance and durability all in one legging. And it doesn’t stop there: this fabric is sustainably made, too. Our highly-vetted mills and production houses are at the forefront of electricity and water reduction technology, and make it their priority to cut down on thermal energy + natural gas. when it comes to recycling, they’re also on top of their game, sending all excess materials to recycling facilities. Can your other leggings do that? We’ll wait...

Koral Rib

Made by Lycra® EcoMade™ yarn which is the first recycled yarn from the Lycra company. Koral Rib™ fabric uses a system that captures water from the rain, reducing the amount of water usage. Made in house, contributing for less GHG emission and energy usage. Koral Rib™ fabric is designed for durability and longevity to reduce fast fashion waste.